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We Are Weezer

We Are Weezer is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Rachel, Amy, & Juliet. They pick a Weezer song, do research, reading, and digging. They provide cool Weezer history and fun facts, review and rate the song using the show's unique rating system, and they wrap up the show by visiting someone's garage to talk about a related topic, trivia, or go into the Weezer confessional booth!

Jun 19, 2019

Rachel is joined by Brian from The Great Albums podcast to discuss track four on Weezer’s Pacific Daydream, Happy Hour. Announced on Twitter, Weezer called it, “sort of a companion piece to Island In The Sun.” There are many versions and remixes, as well as a music video that ended up being used for a different...

Jun 12, 2019

Today Rachel is joined by fellow podcaster, Brian from The Great Albums Podcast. They talk podcasting before moving on to discuss a cool Weezer Kanye West mash-up song called, Diamonds Up to Here. Soundcloud member, Alex Hodowanec, AKA Chuckie Nugget has a project album called Yeezer = Weezer + Kanye West and it’s...

Jun 5, 2019

In this episode of We Are Weezer, Rachel and Sue Anne give you an update on the latest & greatest in Weezer news. Did you know… Weezer played NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert, Coachella with a special guest appearance from TLC’s Chili, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and more. We Are Weezer had a giveaway, some great guests, and Rachel...

May 15, 2019

Rachel and guest host John Carroll from the Post Pinkerton Podcast discuss Waiting On You. A B-Side off of Pinkerton’s Good Life single. They talk Post Pinkerton and have a really great discussion on this gem of a song.


Hosts & Content: Rachel & John

Audio Editing/ Mixing: Bryan Becker

Graphic Designer: Sue Anne K

May 9, 2019

Rachel and guest host John Carroll from the Post Pinkerton Podcast share opinions on current Weezer topics; the future of Weezer, the importance of throwing in a new song every now and then, and how they've managed to stay relevant. John explains his show, Post Pinkerton, shares his Weezer story, favorite album, song,...